Published by Good Textures · 2021-06-18T13:28:45+0000

A couple of months ago, I got caught up with the whole Dogecoin hype and decided to invest a wee amount. I thought if Elon Musk was giving his support to Dogecoin; Dogecoin to the moon and all that, then it wouldn't take too long before I was sipping a beer from my golden chalice. 

A week later reality slapped me in the face as it usually does and here we are, sipping a beer out of a broken glass.


Dogecoin made me realise the massive potential Crypto Currency has and will most likely have in years to come.

As such I am asking if anyone would like to offer their support to the Goodtextures website in the form of Crypto Currency.

Any and all donations would go towards the further development of the site

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