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Published by Good Textures · 2017-07-08T08:08:24+0000



I am very proud to announce that the new and improved Goodtextures website went live on the 6th July 2017.

Along with its fancy new design and user interface, the new website has been given added functionality enabling all Users to upload and share their textures/images. The previous goodtextures website had a daily download quota of 50 textures per 24 hours, which has now been completely removed. It is also possible to download a smaller version of any texture without having to create an account beforehand. These down scaled images have however a tiny wee watermark located in the bottom right corner. Once you have signed up to the site, the watermark is no longer there, and you wil be able to download textures in their full resolution. 

I have been contemplating for some time now whether or not to integrate a Creative Commons license to the site. is about sharing after all, and all the different Creative Commons licenses available is a great thing. The only thing holding me back at the moment is the section about derivative work, their uses and distribution of said work. I am fine with people downloading textures and using them for either commercial or non commercial purposes. The emphasis here being, that the texture are used for something, be it part of a website background, computer game asset or whatever your imagination can concoct. I am against people just taking the textures and hard work of others as is, only to post them or sell them as a texture pack for example. It kind of feels like cheating and is not fair to the original owner/creator. I intend to get in touch with the CC people and ask them about it. 

As with the last goodtextures website, this site has not changed its core goals or aims in the slightest. is about sharing textures, ideas and knowledge free of charge with the global CG community. The difference here being, that I would like to extend my hand and encourage like minded artists to upload and share their own textures/images. This is of course completely optional. If you just want to download textures for your work, that is absolutely fine as well.

I would love to be able to incorporate some kind of reward system to everyone who decides to share their work here. Unfortunately that is currently not possible. Apart from my heartfelt thanks, there is no mechanism in place to do so. Should the funding present itself, I would invest it to build and add more and more functionality to the site. Some kind of tier reward system would be good.

On a last note, I have noticed that the site has some very minor bugs. The upload categories section could be improved by placing it in alphabetical order for example. I am aware of this and am attempting to rectify each thing accordingly. I am not a web programmer and am learning as I go. Some of the things I can fix on my own, but trying to change more complex things is still a complete mystery to me. So please bear with me :)

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