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Texture Update (29.09.2014)

Hello again,

After quite a long pause from updating the news section. I am here to let you all know that I have been very busy taking lots of photos for the site. Last week I uploaded over 100 bare wood textures and added a new category containing cardboard textures.

Over the coming weeks and months I intend to improve some of the features to the site as well as trying to fix some bugs which affect how you navigate around the site. Should funny things start happening, then it just means that I have messed up a piece of code along the way. As soon as I have made the necessary improvements, I shall inform you all accordingly. Cheers :)

Texture Update (03.07.2014)

Hello Chaps and Chapettes :)

It has been quite a while since I last graced the news section with my presence. Much pondering has been and still is being undertaken with regards to improving the sites usability and persons experience when they come to the goodtextures website. I am also thinking of allowing everyone access to the textures without having to register first. I shall need to ponder some more in a dark corner on that point and ask around if it is technically possible.

Aside from all the umming and erring, new textures have been secretly added to the site (honest guv!) This afternoon I moved all the fabric textures to a new location as well as adding 32 more images to the collection. There is also a backlog of "finished" textures waiting to be uploaded, which I shall do over the coming days.

Additional update (04.07.2014)

As promised, I have been adding more wood textures to the ranks as well as some burnt wood textures. I also created a new category called "Electronic Misc". Though currently quite sparse with only two images of a VHS video tape, that will soon change when I start rummaging through all my old electronic gadgets stashed deep away in my wardrobe.

Texture Update (21.03.2014)

Hi Everyone,

tis Friday again and almost time to start enjoying the weekend.

Here is a quick news update to inform you that I have uploaded the following photos to the site. They are as followed: 25 Persian and 32 Middle Eastern Ornament textures.

Technically speaking they are not textures as such. I love the designs, colours and in some pieces the humour that was put into them. Who knows, they may provide inspiration in other ways other than pure textures.

I hope you like the new batch of images and can put them to excellent use.
Have a most splendid weekend :)

Texture Update (17.03.2014)

I bet you didn't know this but today is National Ornamental Carpt Day or N.O.C.D for short.

What is N.O.C.D I hear you ask. Well, i'm glad you asked. N.O.C.D is a very special day in which to praise tribute to your ornamental carpet. Your average ornamental carpet is quite vain and extrovert in nature and expects that you whisper how colouful and complex his patterns are. Alternatively, dancing in front of your carpet or singing a jolly song or two are also acceptable and will please your carpet greatly.

Alas, I myself have no carpet in which to honour today and have instead opted to upload 19 fine examples of carpets in the hope of appeasing the mighty carpet. I really hope I succeed.

I wish you all a great N.O.C.D today. Until next time. 

Texture Update (14.03.2014)

Good morning texture cats, it's Friday again and with it comes a wee texture update.

The following update is as followed: 5 Panoramic Nature and 31 Egyptian Ornaments textures.

I wish you all a great weekend :)

Texture Update (11.03.2014)

Afternoon chaps and chapettes,

As you can see, I have just finished uploading a rather delicious set of textures. Not the meaty bits though as I am one of those rabbit petting, apple kissing vegetarians. If I can get my hands on a tripod this weekend, I shall be straight off to the supermarket to get some more fruit and veg to photograph.

The update is as followed: 6 Meat, 4 Vegetable and 9 Various Food Textures.

I also did the honours of masking out each texture saving them as PNG files.

I hope you like the new update. Until next time :)

Texture Update (28.02.2014)

Good morning chaps and chapettes,

I have just finished uploading a wee update this fine Friday morning.

They are as followed: 2 Ceramic Tiles, 6 Ornate Tiles, 3 Greek/Roman ceramic and 4 various Indian ceramic textures.

I hope you have a splendid weekend and next week will bring with it more brand new sparkling textures.

Textures Update (25.02.2014)

Good morning texture cats,

as mentioned yesterday. I have just finished uploading a fairly big batch of "new" window textures.

They are as followed: 4 Windows House, 5 Windows House Old, 1Windows Industrial, 25 Windows Medieval, 12 Windows Ornate, 1Windows Shutters and finally 5 Stained Glass Windows.

I hope you like the new batch and can put them to excellent use.

Textures Update (24.02.2014)

Hi Lords and Ladies,

here is just a quick news and texture update regarding what has been going on thus far.

When I first started work on this site way back in 2006, I was using a fairly old 21' fujitsu monitor to rework the textures. It was massive and weighed as much as a small car but I was very happy using it. Last year I decided to upgrade to a flat screen where I immediately noticed the difference in quality and more desk space. I also noticed that a lot of the textures had a slight yellow/purple tint to them which I thought was not so good. So this year, I decided to examine every texture and correct any colour errors I could see in preparation for a blu-ray version of the entire texture collection. I shall be offering this blu-ray version for a moderate price as soon as I have finished designing the cover artwork.

I have also been making regular texture updates to the site over the past weeks. Todays updates are as followed: 12 Mixed Stone, 7 Sand Stone, 4 Persian Statues and 7 Asian Statues (antiquity)

Tomorrow I shall upload a big batch of new window textures. Until then, happy texturing!         

Texture Update (24.01.2014)

Hi Texture Cats,

we hope that everyone is having a splendid start to the new year. We hope this year will bring with it lots of joy, discovery and success to you all.

On a texture related front. There has been a wee texture update today which includes the following: 24 Window Shutter, 10 Street Signs and 6 Seamless Roof Tile Textures.

There were plans to add more seamless roof textures to the collection. They are unfortunately very time consuming to make tileable. We thought rather than wait, just add what we have and update accordingly.

Have fun with the new textures.


News Update (02.01.2014)

Gosh 2013 went by in flash, didn't it. It's time to say goodbye to 2013 and enjoy what 2014 has prepared for us. Have you made your New Year's resolutions yet?. Go on, grab a piece of paper and pen.

Hopefully you had a great Christmas and New Years. We also hope you enjoyed the textures we have prepared for you as much as we did. On behalf of the entire goodtextures team I'd like to wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2014 year.

Here's to another great year!

Texture Update (19.09.2013)

Hi Texture Cats,

after having a rather hectic time recently what with moving flat etc... I  am very happy to announce a new texture update. Last weekend I finally managed to prepare a new batch of various "Tudor Wall" textures I took about three months ago. Most of them are of a pretty high resolution well exceeding 3000x3000 pixels, and I can say that I am very happy with the results.  

They are as followed: 30 Tudor Wall Brick, 14 Tudor Wall Ornate, 36 Tudor Wall Plain and 6 Tudor Wall Worn.

I hope you like the new textures and can put them to excellent use :)  

Texture Update (24.07.2013)

Hi Texture Cats,

Still mega busy with all the preperations regarding the big move this coming Monday. I can really recommend to anyone not to move flat/house if you can help it. I keep thinking to myself that it would be much better just to burn everything I have and start fresh. Enough of this nonsense. This is a texture website and not Facebook.      

Without further ado, I would like to inform you all this fine sunny day about all the jolly good window textures I have just finished uploading to the site. They are as followed:

4 House New, 41 House Old and 41 Industrial Window textures.

I hope you like the new window textures and can put them to excellent use :)  

Texture Update (19.07.2013)

Hi Texture Cats,

I am currently in the process of moving flat, renovating my old one whilst trying to find the time to take more texture photos and preparing them for this site. Over the last months I have been gradually making my way through the massive backlog of photos I have and uploading them accordingly.      

Today I have just finished uploading a new batch of wood textures which are as followed:

2 Plywood New, 1 Plywood Old, 1 Wood Bare, 4 Wood Misc, 10 Wood Painted, 7 Planks New, 21 Planks Old and 12 Woodends textures.

Last month I was fortunate enough to visit a rather lovely town full of tudor buildings in varoius states of health so to speak. As you can imagine my camera was working over time on that day. I have nearly finished getting them all ready and should be able to post them next week.

I hope you like the new wood textures and can put them to good use :)    

News Update (17.06.2013)

So, I have just finished uploading a large batch of snow and ice textures. I decided to give them a main category of their own as I kind of went mad over the winter period taking lots and lots of pic's of different snow/ice textures. Now it should be a bit easier to find and view a more specific texture within that category.

Later on this week I shall upload a fairly large batch of various "door" textures. A long awaited and anticipated update me thinks :)


News Update (21.03.2013)

Hi All,

first of all I would like to say a very big thank you to everyone that has "liked" on Facebook thus far. Tis much appreciated and please continue to do so :)

It's been quite a while since my last news update. I have been busy and secretly adding new textures to the site without informing anyone. Sorry, my bad.

I don't know what the weather is like where you are in the world. Where I am, it just won't stop snowing. It should be hot and sunny now :( . I have however been taking advantage of this weather by going out and taking lots of photos of snow and ice. Today I added 40 ice textures to the collection and have a large selection of snow textures in the pipeline.

I shall also be restructuring some of the texture categories as well as reworking some of the textures already listed here. You shouldn't notice much of a difference as I shall be making these changes during the dark hours of the night.

I hope you like the new textures and as always happy texturing!

News Update (20.01.2013)

Hi All,

first of all I would like to say a very big thank you to everyone that has "liked" on Facebook thus far. Tis much appreciated and please continue to do so :)

I would also like to take this opportunity of asking if anyone would be interested in having his or her texture related tutorials displayed here at It could either be a link to your existing website or to another tutorial site for example. I would then create an icon with the relevant description and acknowledgements as shown in the tutorials section.

If anyone is interested, please free to get in touch here: contact me, and I look forward to posting your tutorials. Many thanks!

Texture Update (14.01.2013)

Hi All,

just finished uploading the very first texture update this year, that being 15 tileable border textures. I hope you like.

On another note, if you would like to offer your support to, it would be wonderful if you "Like Me" on Facebook. I know, every other person is asking the same thing. It is my intention to really bring this site forward this year and Facebook would be one step in the right direction. Cheers!

Goodbye 2012 - Welcome 2013!

Hi All,

Farewell 2012, you brought us many ups and downs, including the posibility of life as we know it ending on our dear planet.

I would like to wish eveyone a happy New Year and thank everyone that has given me positive input and support over the last year; 2013 will be epic, I promise!

News Update (18.12.2012)

Hi All,

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, the texture monster was turning all of the kiddies presents into lumps of concrete. Bad texture monster.

Yep, it's that time of year again where we get to overindulge our hunger for Christmas pudding and enjoy the odd drink or two. We can't forget about the odd family feud or punchup. Am I being too cynical :) I like Christmas really.

On the news front, some of you may have noticed that I have increased the daily download limit from 20 to 40 textures. It is a little bit buggy at the moment in that the download counter still shows 20. If you attempt to download anything above 20 textures in one go, the system will inform you that you have exceeded your daily quota. To get around that bug, you just have to download textures in blocks of and upto 20 textures and you shouldn't experience any problems. Next year I shall get that issue fixed.

Next year will also bring with it more texture tutorials I have been working on in my spare time as well as texture updates.

On that note, I wish you all a most fabulous Christmas and New Years!

Texture Update (20.10.2012)

Hi All,

I am very proud to announce that I have actually finished my very first texture tutorial. A lot of work involved but I enjoyed very much writing it and thinking about how to convey my experiences as an Environment artist into some kind of coherent form. You may of course think I have written a load of gibberish. If you would like to view this tutorial just click here.

Now that I have broken the ice so to speak, I look forward to writing the next one. As I already mentioned, I work full time as an Environment artist in a games company. The next tutorial shall be environment orientated.

I hope you like the new tutorial and as always happy texturing!

Texture Update (29.09.2012)

Hi All,
It's been quite a while since my last news update. To be honest, I was feeling a little lazy this month and couldn't bring myself to write anything. That is not to say that I have not been busy adding new textures to the site. The very latest batch from last week are as followed: 11 seamless tiles and a brand new category called seamless borders.

I have also been hard at work creating a design for a set of Blu-ray Discs which will contain the entire collection of textures from this site. My thoughts being, if anyone would like to help support and also acquire the whole collection of textures, then you can do soon. Why Blu-ray?, well, with around 50gb of textures the Blu-ray disc capacity is perfect and I can fit them all on 2 discs as apposed to about 10 dvds. Below you can see the preliminary design. I just need to create a snazzy cover and leaflet and I am ready to rock n' roll.

goodtextures bluray discs

I hope you like the new textures and as always happy texturing!

Texture Update (05.08.2012)

Hi All,
hope you're all enjoying your Sunday afternoon. It's raining where I am (boo) and so I decided to check through my texture library. Low and behold I found 41 mixed medieval stone wall textures that I took last year which I have just uploaded to the site.

If it's raining where you are and you are in need of some cheering up, first make yourself a cup of tea and then have a look at these little beauties. If that doesn't help, I simply don't know what possibly could :) I hope you like them and happy texturing!

Texture Update (18.07.2012)

Hi All,

just finished uploading 20 new seamless grass textures. I find it quite therapeutic actually making grass textures seamless. I have no idea why, maybe just because of the green colours.

Anyway, I hope you like them and can put them to excellent use!

News Update (14.07.2012)

Just over a week ago the server which hosts the goodtextures website was under a virus attack along with 250,000 other servers. The virus then attempted to manipulate the Jscript files thus trying to infect anyone viewing this or any other compromised website. Needless to say, the problem was dealt with very quickly and all infected files were either deleted, replaced or purged of anything nasty.

I would just like to reasure anyone who received any kind virus warning from visiting that it was nothing intentional. The virus was very low level and as such was not much of a security threat. Still annoying nontheless.

Now everything is back to normal and new texture updates are on the way. As always happy texturing!

Texture Update (26.06.2012)

I am proud to announce a brand new update of 30 juicy and succulent tileable mixed stone textures. Cor blimey eh!

After this update I shall definitely continue working on promised texture related tutorials that I have so successfully been putting off over the last months.

I hope you like and enjoy the new textures and can put them to excellent use!

Texture Update (18.06.2012)

Hi, it's been a while since I last made any texture updates. Not only have I been mega busy at work recently but my beloved hard drive at home kicked in the bucket which was a bit of a pain. All is well and happy again thankfully.

Today's update includes 34 new graffiti textures which I just happened to stumble upon yesterday whilst out and about taking photos. I have also been working on some new seamless stone textures which I will try and finish this week. Enjoy the sun, footie and new textures.

Texture Update (27.04.2012)

So my lovelies, earlier on today I uploaded 20 brand new tilable brick wall textures. I can't help but salavate just looking at these little beauties. I hope you like them and can put them to excellent use.

I have quite a few other tileable textures waiting in the pipeline which I shall upload next week. After which, I shall commence work on some texture related tutorials which I am looking forward to unveil once I have a few written up. So keep your eyes peeled for future updates. Happy texturing!

News Update (30.04.2012)

A few days ago I received a rather abusive letter from a gentleman I shall not name. I shan't go into details but amongst the verbal abuse, I was questioned as to why anyone should have to register here before being allowed to download anything. I was also accused of selling and profiting from your email addresses that I have allegedly sold to various advertising companies.

First of all I would just like to take this opportunity of making it crystal clear that this is definitely not the case. The reason why you have to register here at all is primarily to protect your privacy and enable you to fully interact with this site in the not to distant future. The goodtextures website is currently half finished in terms of functionality and can only offer a fraction of what I was intially intending to do. There is no company or group of people behind this website, there is only me, a one man band so to speak. This little enterprise has been created and funded soley by me. If I could, I would love to be able to offer you more but unfortunately my finances dictate otherwise.

Secondly, under no circumstances will I ever sell your email addresses to advertising companies. That goes against everything I stand for. Your privacy and loyalty is my top priority here which I will never abuse. I will not follow the path of many other greedy companies which aggressively collect information to then sell on etc..

I would like to end this by saying many thanks to all of the people that have taken the time to say thanks. It's much appreciated and motivates me to continue uploading new textures. Thanks :D

Best Regards,

Simon Murray

P.S. Although this site is run soley by myself. The actual layout and design of this website was created by a very talented bunch of people at to whom I owe my gratitude.

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone survived Xmas and New Years without too many broken bones and minor family punch ups.

The goodtextures site is currently experiencing an issue regarding the uploading of new textures which is causing great stress to the server. The problem is being looked into as I speak and I hope to be able to upload some great new textures soon.

The next batch of textures will include some seamless wood, metal and brick textures. 

I wish you all a great and successful year. 

Texture Update (17.12.2011)

What would Christmas be like without any seamless plaster textures. I shall tell you, absolutely rubbish!

I am here to save the day by offering you some great plaster textures to get you through the Xmas period. Previous updates over the past weeks have included various seamless grass and snow&ice textures.

I hope you like them and I wish you all a fantastic Chrimbo and New Years.

Texture Update (26.09.2011)

What a treat I've got for you today.

I have just finsihed uploading 15 very sought after "Woodend" textures.

You would not believe how many people have written to me pleading for "Woodend" textures. So, after spending the weekend running around the woods chasing after wild boar, I managed to find the time to take some fab photos of tree stumps.

Other textures in today's update include:

11 Hay Bundle Textures
6 Stoney Ground Textures 


Texture Update (25.06.2011)

14 seamless grass and 16 snow & ice textures added.

Seamless Grass Texture    Seamless Grass Texture    Seamless Grass Texture

Seamless Ice Texture    Seamless Ice Texture    Seamless Ice Texture

For a short while now, Goodtextures has been offering high quality seamless textures for download. There will be weekly updates where I shall be adding new categories as well as adding more seamless textures to current ones. 

For those of you who are wondering what seamless textures are and what they can be used for, here is a brief explanation. A seamless texture is an image that can be placed side-by-side with itself without creating any noticeable boundries or seams between the two copies of the image. Seamless textures are especially important in 3D computer artwork, where large surfaces can be covered by a seamless texture without the appearance of any distracting seams.

Seamless textures are almost always used within the computer gaming industry be it to create an interesting landscape, or scaly monster skin for example. Seamless textures can also be used to create a website background or even be used as a desktop screensaver. So you see, using seamless textures can offer a lot of flexibilty and save you a lot of time if you have them at your disposal.   

Texture Update (11.04.2011)

Hi Everyone,  It's been quite a while since I last made a news update. That being said, I have been busy adding new textures to the site as well as working on writing some texture tutorials.

Last week I created the 'Tasty' page for those of you who are new to the site and are unsure what kind of site this is. The 'Tasty' page as stated will give you a little taster as to the quality of the textures.You can also download them without having to register first.

Aside from finding new and exciting textures, I work work full time as an environment artist for the company BigPoint Berlin. Last week the game I have been working on 'Drakensang Online' went into the closed Beta phase of production. I am proud to say that almost all of the textures I created for the game originated from this website. If you would like to take a look, just click on the banner below and it will take you directly to the official website.

Drakensang Online

As always, happy texturing

Texture Update

I have finished uploading a new batch of textures today

They are as followed: 14 painted wood and 9 plywood new textures.

More textures to follow.

Texture Update (16.11.2010)

9 Ornate border and 11 Bark deciduous textures.

Texture Update (17.11.2010)

I have spent today uploading various different textures to the site. They are as followed:

3 ornate borders

6 brick modern large block, 4 large mixed and 1 large bare texture

7 industrial doors and 4 ornate doors

8 vent textures as well as adding a new sub-category called containers

2 ornate panels

last but not least 11 ceramic tiles

I hope you like them.

In addition to the textures on this site. It was and is my intention to write tutorials from my experiences gained working as an environment artist for many a year now.

I thought I would start off with the basics such as how to quickly make a texture tileable (using Photoshop), moving on to more and more advanced techniques. I will also be adding a lot of fun stuff Photoshop tutorials, which in my opinion are important to do as they have opened my eyes and hopefully yours to the thousands of possibilities Photoshop can offer.

On that note, bear with me a little while. As soon as I have got a few tutorials written up, I shall make them available to all that want to see them.